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With the participation of clubs like Vasco, Santos, Palmeiras RedBull or Philadelphia Union of MLS.

For this special competition IberCup was able to bring together not only the best U-12 teams in Brazil, but also a special guest from the United States, the Philadelphia Union.

In this competition are teams that have a long history at IberCup, such as Palmeiras, which has already won the São Paulo competition and has a super competitive team that comes in the title dispute.

The Philadelphia Union is also super motivated by the recent achievement of one of the most prestigious tournaments in the USA, the GA Cup.

Santos is another team that has a history of past participation in IberCup and is known for being one of the world's top talent trainers. Robinho and Diego were some of the players trained in fish. Does 2008 have any stars coming out?

Vasco has not participated in IberCup for a few years, but has won our race not only in boys but also in the girls competition. Will we have a triumphant return?

For the first time Red Bull Brasil will participate in our competition! We look forward to seeing a club that is booming worldwide.

In addition to these teams, we also have ADAC, Futsoccer, Legal Attitude, Sao Caetano, Oeste Barueri, Portuguese, Audax, which besides being super respected clubs in brazilian grassroots, most have already shown in IberCup Tournaments their quality. and the great players. 

This special Elite Competition deserves the best fields!

SEE HERE the natural turf fields where you will show all your talent!



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